Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chief Reverend

Indeed, life is transient.

Chief High Priest of Malaysia & Singapore, Venerable Dr. K. Sri. Dhammananda, passed away on Merdeka Day 2006, leaving behind a legacy of Dhammadutta works in Malaysia and around the world.

I shall fondly remember my several encounter with the Chief while working on Buddhist publication projects during my university's years. Publications is always an important means to spread the Buddha's Dispensation, and is ever emphasised by the Chief.

There is a famous picture of Chief Reverend reading a newspaper with the headline of "Merdeka" at Merdeka Stadium on 31 August 1957. That picture has since become a powerful tool to demonstrate our Buddhist community and Sangha's strong commitment toward our nation's aspiration.

More pictures on Chief's funeral in Screenshots.


After a few days of futile searching, this precious photograph finally shown up in blogosphere. It had been posted in Screenshots and OonYeoh. I wonder why it was not highlighted in the mainstream media. The picture perfectly sent its message across to its readers. Look at the background, Caucasian with ethnics Malayans, and the headline of the newspaper. Now, I call this Spirit of Malaysia. Buddhists, or non-Buddhists alike, we all share the same national aspirations. Think as One, Act as One. Our love for the country is transcendental.

Friday, July 14, 2006

C.N. Yang in Malaysia

Prof. Yang Chen-ning, the iconic figure of Chinese physics is back in Malaysia again. Prof. Yang currently affiliated with Tsinghua University, China, was presenting a public lecture titled "Science & Tecnology in the 21st Century" at Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur on 13th July, 2006.

The ever youthful Yang touched on the topic of development of scientific knowledge by the interaction of 3 aspects of science, namely basic, developmental & applied; citing examples of MRI, modern computer and biotechnology that was developed in the last century and changing the way man lives. He concluded that in the next 50 years to come, the development trend will still be the same with even more applied research being branched out from the basic researchs.

On the 14th of July, he delivered a scientific oration at University of Malaya with the title of "Symmetry". The event was moderated by local physicist Dr. Chia Swee Ping, former professor of theoretical physics in UM. Prof. C.N. Yang had been associated with University of Malaya some 30 years ago by being an external examiner at that time.

However, I DON'T particularly agreed with what Prof. C.N. Yang said during a public function that Malaysia should not dwell too much on high energy physics as that is still considered too advanced for this country, instead we should focus on applied technologies research such as palm oil production. I humbly think that no SCIENCE is too advanced for anybody, as long as you have the courage to explore it, as the good ol' Chinese saying goes "The journey of a thousand miles, start with a step."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

STS-121 Discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off Kennedy Space Center on 2:38 EDT 4th of July, 2006 for its Mission STS-121. The return to flight of NASA's space programme heralding USA determination to regain its past glory of space dominance, in spite of the rising of China. The launch on the country 230th Independance Day bear not only scientific meaning but also power-motivated. Its success will continue to harness support for the diminishing space programme from the Administration. And this will in turn affect the livelihood of a lot of people. This can be seen by Griffin's reluctance to postpone the flight despite warning from its experts. Let's pray for the safe return of its crews. Man sacrify lives for pushing the frontier of science, as ever, but not as a mean for other man's power-politics.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Why UM Would Fail?

People nowaday spoke of a lot on the declining acaddemic performance of Malaysian public university, especially the 'Universiti Perdana' that boast of 'Tradisi Kecermelangan', that is the one and only University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Much theories and viewpoints had been given but I think most of them missed one very important point. As a member of UM, I think I am qualified to elaborate on that missing point.

UM was the first university in this country that is being awarded the ISO 9001, much fanfare were highlighted to celebrate on its. BUT let me tell you that, it is precisely this ISO things that drive the downfall of the university. Does a university really need the ISO accolade to uphold its reputation? Mind you, how may of the top notch world class university obtained ISO? Anyone who is involved in ISO things in the corporate world can tell you what is this ISO is all about. It boils down to thorough documentation and reporting in every aspect of your organisation administration in hope of streamlining it and standardisation in output quality in its deliveries system.

So, what is a ISOed UM is doing? The admin staff are busying prepare all sort of funny reports and database for analysis, document format were made to way it is look like in corporate world. Lecturers busying prepare documentation for every lecture they are supposed to be given, taking attendance, analysing student flow and response, writing report and preparing a lot decent looking tutorial for uploading into the Internet. Of all the things done, someone forgot to to tell the management that we need to care of upgrading the academic standard of the university as this is not included in the ISO handbook which is meant for management and administration. The lecturers whom are suppose to be researchers as well, are so tight-handed with all sort of funny reports until they have no resource for the academia R&D. Don't forget they also have to look after the ISO of their laboratory. To add salt to the wound, the university will has 2 major ISO auditions every years, one internal and the other external. These audition exxercises took up a lot of resources in the university, as no one will want to become the scapegoat for UM for losing the ISO title.

UM is paying too high a price fot the ISO accolade, and the management of the university must see this and do something, or else UM will continue to falter!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Do you still WaOnline?

Life is transient indeed, as always. Not too long ago, the Chinese community was deeply bash in the euphoria a ground-breaking online radio, following the ungracefully closure of the fourth Chinese medium free-to-air radio station. People spoke of vengeance and conspiracy theory, of racial politicking in the country, waging unconditional support to the now defunct Chinese radio station and its successor, the online reincarnation.

Now, how many people still remember the WaFM's saga and care about the existence of WaOnline? How determine are those freedom fighters when confronted with the bread and butter issue? Even the most determined mind would fade, for thought is always evanescent.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Parliament's Party Whip

The recent row in Malaysian Parliament had shown to us some insight into the whip system that had been practised since 1955, so said. Why is a MP had to follow the party's whip when casting their vote in every motion that is being tabled. I suppose when our country gain independance on 1957, the level of understanding of democracy is somewhat pathetic, so the party's whip would ensure the MPs would not do something stupid. But somehow it had evolved by the autocrats as a tool to control the parliament, and over the course of 50 years, the MPs had dwindle to become mere puppets. The pinnacle of Malaysian democracy, "You have to reject any motion from the opposite side of the house, simply because you are on this side." Yes, you see now, in Malaysia democracy is really very simple and straight forward. It would be headache for our beloved MPs to observed when the whip is called and when is not, and when to vote according to their conscience, if they had any! Coward wins in cowardy system.

There are quarters yearning for changes in such a system. Do you think people will care? Will there be any changes? This is a TRANSIENT event indeed, my fellow Malaysian.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Life is Transcient

Lord Buddha had said to us, "All compounded things are subject to vanish. Strive with earnestness!" Vayadhamma sankhara appamadena sampadetha (DN 16:Mahaparinibbana Sutta)

Let's contemplate this eternal truth for reverance of the coming Wesak day, a day signifying the birth, the Enlightenment and the pass-away of a great Teacher, the virtuous One. Happy Wesak 2006!

With this I start my blog.