Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Menjelang Kemerdekaan 2008

Menjelang hari Kemerdekaan kita yang ke-51 pada Ogos 31 ini, yang mempunyai makna berlainan bagi sesetengah orang, saya ingin mengatakan secebis pendapat saya terhadap pemimpin-pemimpin negara kita, khasnya beberapa Perdana Menteri kita, yang lalu dan yang kini.

Apabila kita sebut saja Bapa Kemerdekaan, kita ada Tunku Abdul Rahman,

Apabila kita sebut saja Bapa Pembangunan, kita ada Tun Abdul Razak,

Apabila kita sebut saja Bapa Perpaduan, kita ada Tun Hussein Onn,

Apabila kita sebut saja Bapa Pemodenan, kita ada Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed,

Apa pula dengan PM kita kini, Dato' Seri Abdulah Badawi, saya rasa amat memadai kalau kita anugerahkan beliau gelaran Bapa Demokrasi, sebenarnya banyak perkara yang dilakukannya atau keputusan yang diambilnya, secara sengaja atau tidak, telah membuka ruang untuk perubahan drastik senario sosio-politik negara kita, hari ini rakyat Malaysia baru mengecapi rasa demokrasi yang sebenar.

Syabas diucapkan kepada Pak Lah kita.

Sedikit lagi ditokok tambah, jikalau Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim benar-benar menjadi PM, apakah gelaran yang paling sesuai kita anugerahkan?

Apakah lagi kalau bukan Bapa Reformasi?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Debate on Land Issues

Picture by The Star

After watching the extraordinary debate between the past and present Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang last night, I must say that it is outright clear that, the losing side is YAB LGE.

His insistence on punishment should be leashed out by the past BN on the erronous official spoilt his show. In fact, this gave his opponent many chances to clarify on the issue, of which Tan Sri KTK elegantly did. LGE keep on harping that there is elements of corruption(rasuah) in the so-called 'land scam', yet he is unable put forward concrete description of the crime committed.

On the other hand, KTK had ample of opportunities and space, courtesy of the un-wise tactics of his opponent, to explain the whole picture of the issue, right from historical background more than 40 years ago, up until the actions he took personally which include investigations by the ACA at least twice, which found no elements of crime and the past state government on-going litigation with the parties concerned.One thing KTK made very clear that his government never conceded defeat in the on-going court case, whilst his successor seem to harbour the idea of dishing out the RM 40 million compensation.

KTK later took charge on LGE's attitude of 'Semak Sebelum Tembak' and the latter inclination of sensationalsing every issue that crop up and not putting focused attention in solving the issues at hand. What a good lesson a past CM gave to the present CM.

He also lamented about the 'half true' approach by the present government in the those so-called exposes. I think KTK fell short of calling LGE a liar.

Overall, I think KTK did put up a good show, despite the language flow that at time crampy. He did took this opportunities to make clear a few issues that bugging the BN, putting up by the PR government.

On LGE, he is so stick to his prepared strategy on criminalsing the whole issue, abeit some clever maneuvres by KTK to dodge his attack, that make him a joker at end stage of the debate, he fails to hit the home base despite numerous futile attacks. He failed to categorically listed out the criminal elements of its, although he alleged time over time of 'rasuah'. This gave KTK a chance of fighting back by explaining that it is merely documentation mistakes that happened more than 40 years ago coupled with some careless clerical mistakes 40 years later.

Frankly speaking, I don't know who should be blamed for all this mistakes, but surely I don't see nobody deserved to thrown into jail.

I think LGE should start put his effort in managing the state, and show results to Penangites, what he had done in 'memajukan Pulau Pinang'?

As KTK put it in the beginning of the debate, LGE seem to be more fond of being the 'Pembangkang'.

I start to miss the old days when KTK is helming the state.

Maybe it can never take a Malaccan to appreciate the flavours of Penang.

Can a Malaccan truly loves Penang? Or Penang is just part of the bounties of his war-chest?

Monday, August 11, 2008

08.08.08 - Ushering a New Era of Chinese Dominance

The fantastic opening of Beijing 2008 Olympics, witnessing the awakening a giant dragon who had been put under spell too long a time.