Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zhang ZiYi has a blog!

Guess what, Zhang Ziyi ( 章子怡) is actually a blogger!

Visit her at

She had recently updated some entries on her trip to Greece, as a reporter, to cover Beijing 2008 Olympic's torch lighting ceremony, held at Olympia.

What caught my attention is that she actually visited Sabah sometime late last year, for wildlife protection causes. Huh, seem like not much local media coverage on this, will there be any media campaign to follow by the NGOs? Read on for more info. I particularly like this photo below, not only she looks gorgeous, but the smiles look so genuine!

Friday, March 21, 2008

RIP: Ghost of May 13th

Where May 13th died, there born March 8th.

When the GE12 poll results being announced that particular night, the fear of of an impending racial clash is tickling on the corner of my heart. The memories of May 13th is still vivid in many Malaysians mind, its ghost had haunted us for many generations since the 1969 incident. My question is simple, will it happen again, tomorrow or the days after? I told my wife, tomorrow will be the watershed day on whether Malaysian democracy has matured.

God willing, it was peaceful for days to follow.

Yes, perhaps we, as a nation had walked out of gloomy shadow of the bloodshed of May 13th, 1969.

Read a piece of writing on Disquiet, a blog which I have vigorously followed lately, its writer Malik Imtiaz, a prolific lawyer and human right activist gave a sterling performance when interviewed by Al Jazeera during the Bersih campaign last year. The article is a beautifully wrote piece of intellectuals. It summed up well on the aspirations of many Malaysians. I especially like the ending part,

".....Throughout the country, Malaysian of all communities had voted in support of a multi-racial opposition. They had voted on issues and not on race. There was no reason for any clashes, neither was there a context. Malaysian politics had matured."


".....perhaps we had laid to rest the ghost of May 13th. I would like to think so."

From his writings, it is interesting to note that the 75th opposition candidate that denied the Barisan Nasiaonal 2/3 majority is none other than Loh Gwo Burne, the Lingamgate video man. Perhaps, this is his destiny, after all.

Friday, March 14, 2008




Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not ready for Penang

Penang first family not ready for Penang yet!

This is not what I simply puffed out from the wind, but this is what the Star reported.

Picture from The Star

From what is reported in the newspaper, Lim family is happily having a 'family visit' to the Chief Minister office at KOMTAR, you can see everyone is grinning 'inspecting the bounties' their proud son had captured. This not a good example, Guan Eng. You don't let your aunties and sisters and sons messed around the CM offices.

Back to our original topic, to put thing in context, let read the Star,

A post that not even Lim’s family expected


JUST like many Penangites, Lim Guan Eng's family members never expected that he would one day be the Chief Minister of the state.

His mother Neo Yok Tee, 67, said it never crossed her mind that her son would be a chief minister although he was a very serious and committed politician.

“Just like any mother, I am happy for him after such a long struggle and hard work.

“He should meet the people’s expectations as they have placed their trust in him and the party when they voted the DAP and other opposition parties to run the state government,” she said while accompanying Guan Eng to his Level 28 office in Komtar yesterday.

Neo said since her son became a VIP, an endless stream of visitors had been calling at their family home in Island Park, Penang.

“No more laidback lifestyle for me as I have to entertain the visitors. I hope my life will return to normal when Guan Eng moves in to the official residence.”

Neo’s advice to her son is to remain humble and do his best as Chief Minister and “I’m confident that he can do it.”

His father, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, said it was his birthday wish come true.

Kit Siang, who celebrated his 67th birthday on Feb 20, said he had secretly wished for DAP to capture Penang although the party’s target was to deny the Barisan Nasional of two-thirds majority in the state assembly.

Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew, who is also newly elected Kota Laksamana state assemblyman in Malacca, said she was shocked when her husband told her that he would be Chief Minister of Penang on Saturday night.

“I did not believe him but he told me that he was serious. I did not expect it at all because the DAP’s objective was to have a strong opposition in Penang.”

On whether she would shift to Penang now that she was the chief minister's wife, Chew said they were still deliberating on the matter as three of the couple’s four children were studying in Malacca.

Their eldest daughter Rachel Lim, 17, said she never expected her father to be elevated to the head of the Penang Government.

Rachel was reluctant to move to Penang at the moment, saying she would be sitting for her SPM at the end of the year.

“My three other siblings may shift to Penang but I will remain in Malacca until my exams are over,” she added.

Apart from Rachel, the couple have three other children – Clint, 16, Marcus, 13, and Ethan, 14 months.

See, this is what I mean, you don't let a Malaccan head a Penang government.

Another example of public fund wastage

Not another deputy CM, please.

The Star had reported on 12/3/08 that, Lim Guan Eng is introducing another extra DCM post for his coalition state government. It used to has a DCM for the UMNO after the 1990 DAP onslaught on Gerakan/MCA. Now in 2008, DAP, in power, create another DCM just for the sake of appeasing the Indian minority. Let me just say that, Penang is not a big state, we actually don't need any DCM. With these 'white-elephant' positions, it means the state need to cough out more money for their allowances, lavish cars and other expenditure.

Now, there is a problem here. Guan Eng just scrapped those summonses yesterday and today he is announcing extra expenditure, second day into the government, the state financial situation already run into deficits. While Dato' Seri Anwar is urging the ruling opposition to be prudent, we see people spending state's coffer like his grandfather money here in Penang.

Here is the Star reporting,

Wednesday March 12, 2008
MYT 12:18:02 PM

Two deputy CMs for Penang

PENANG: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has announced the appointment of two Deputy Chief Ministers for the state.

They are the Prai assemblyman from DAP, Prof. P. Ramasamy, and Penanti assemblyman from PKR, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

Lim has not yet named the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the state assembly, but said the two posts would be filled by representatives from PKR.

DAP Penang first governance policy

Scrap those summonses!
This is the way Penang newly elected government gratifying it people for bringing them into the power.

Hours after Lim Guan Eng sworn in as the forth Penang CM of 11/3/08, he announced his first 'people friendly' governance policy that is to scrapped all local government summonses pertaining to hawker license and public parking. On first glimpse, it is indeed a good news, but on second thought if the new government has this kind of mentality, it will disastrous for the state. First of all, although this is those monies not collected, as according to Guan Eng, but still the money eventually collected belong to the people. It can be used to upgrade the living conditions of many Penangites around the island and on mainland. Without consultations to the rakyat, he just made a proposal that going to make state coffer poorer, but gain political mileage for himself.

I call this mis-appropriation of public funds.

Such ruling will also inculcate a negative mentality on the rakyat, in future the rakyat will simply be indifferent to the many laws in the state, thinking that the government will waived it eventually to gain popularity. Can you imagine the chaotic consequences?

I think DAP has to take heeds that, now you are in the government, scrutinise yourselves with the highest standard of transparency and good public governance.

On a side-note, look at the picture above, why is Lim Kit Siang, not an office bearer in the state and not an elected representative in the state, can seated in the front row together with Koh Tsu Koon? Is this a new state protocol to have the father of the CM ranked among the state VVIP?

Good Luck! Endeavour STS-123

STS-123 was succesfully launced from Kennedy Space Center yesterday, carrying with it 7 astronouts and Japanese Kibo(Hope) Logistics Module and Canadian Dextre Robotics System. Endeavour in this mission will be scoring many first, including longest mission duration(16 days), most spacewalks(5) and largest module to be installed onto the ISS.

Good luck STS-123

Something about 12GE

The dust had settled. BN was denied 2/3 majority by the people. On top of that, Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor are not in their grips. Gerakan and MCA were completely wiped out of Penang, the power-base of Chinese in Malaysia.

On my way back to Penang to cast my vote, I was quite optimistic about a BN win in Penang, in fact my mind is guessing around what Cabinet portfolio will Koh Tsu Koon be given. My sole purpose of casting my vote is to ensure non-Penangites are kick out from Penang's politics, Penang is for Penangites. The moment I stepped into my home that particular noon on that faithful day, my father conveyed me a rather 'alien' message, he said the Opposition will gonna capture Penang. I don't believe it and just simply shrug off it. To an 'outsider' like me who work at the nation capital, I cannot sensed the strong Opposition wind, unlike my father who can received first hand information on the ground. True to his says, Penang is gone by midnight. In fact, at around 8:30pm when I heard over radio that no BN supporters are appearing in Batu Kawan counting centre, I told myself to brace for the worst.

Not only in Penang, other states fell like dominos. Even Nik Aziz called it a 'tsunami'. A tsunami is a natural disaster that usually caught everyone unprepared. Not only BN is unprepared, neither is the Oppositions. I can vouch that Rakyat is not going to let an unprepared team to govern them. Sadly, now this is what had happened. Political analysts said that this is protest vote strategy that gone overboard. People vote for Oppositions not because they like them, just because they want to give the government a 'lesson'. They do not want 'rocket' to govern the state, the voters' 'teach-them-a-lesson' euphoria, quickly turned into cold sweat. Will them, the 'rocket', bring disaster? How is our livelihood be affected. These question will remain unanswered for a long period of time. Let just pray that when the answers to these questions arise, it is not too late to make a change.