Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Remnant of the Old KLites

Before Kuala Lumpur become a metropolitan as in today, it was influxed by a large majority of Chinese immigrants whom soon become loyally contributing citizens of a new nation -- Malaya. Petaling Street being the hub for the early Chinese settlers, has a lot of reminiscent of a Chinese township in Hong Kong, or for that matter, Shanghai of the olden days. Often, Petaling Street is also dubbed as the China Town of Kuala Lumpur, well, I stand to protest, the whole Klang Valley is full of Chinese, we don't have 'china town' in Malaysia!

Times pass by, and today changes start to crept in Petaling Street. Before it is too late, I try to capture some of the traditional delicacies still being served in Petaling Street before it fade away in memories. Well, as the saying goes, life is transient, indeed, my fellow Malaysian.




[hopefully, I shall be able to furbise picture of their respective store in near future, let's shall see]